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He Jinghua Xu Shaochun joined the first on

December 18 News, 10 December Kingdee International Software Group (hereinafter referred to Kingdee) announced the appointment of UF software (UF) former president He Jinghua as the company's CEO, as Kingdee and UF in the industry Sudi relations, the news was announced immediately attracted great media attention and heated discussion in the industry.

The face of external events on the various rumors and speculation, 15, broke the silence Kingdee evening, the Chairman of the Board Xu Shaochun Sina science and technology in an exclusive connection accepted the first time to disclose the reasons for joining the appointment He Jinghua, and to many issues of concern to the industry to the SAN 11 Xiangjie. The following is a telephone connection Sina Technology and Xu Shaochun Record.

He Jinghua UF without the need to understand

Sina technology: Why He Jinghua do Kingdee's CEO, what he most valued the ability and experience?

Xu Shaochun: He Jinghua is a passionate person, there is a very good professional competence management personnel, is also very interesting that we are all O blood type, personality similarity, also got along well, I really like this person, he We Kingdee right, looking for the CEO. Is of most importance Ho Kingdee professional experience, professional knowledge and professional management.

Sina technology: we all know, He Jinghua competitors in Kingdee done for two years president of UF, Kingdee He Jinghua do in the choice of CEO, he's the experience of the extent to which he contributed to your choice?

Xu Shaochun: We chose Mr. He Jinghua is the value of his character, professional competence and experience. We believe that He Jinghua Kingdee to join us help to help improve core business competitiveness. Kingdee and UF have been very understanding of each other, we do not need to know by Ho UF.

If not enough power to He Jinghua not invite him to

Sina technology: Kingdee CEO until the post is part-time by you, is when to make the decision to find a CEO?

Xu Shaochun: Frankly speaking, the last two to three years Kingdee has been a global search for CEO, which is the need for development strategies Kingdee, Kingdee goal is to become Asia-Pacific region in 2010 SME ERP market leader in China's enterprise management software market brand.

In addition, as a Hong Kong listed company, in order to better improve the corporate governance structure, the President and CEO by different people as is necessary.

Sina technology: Please He Jinghua as the company's CEO when the decision is made?

Xu Shaochun: This is the last two or three months to make the choice, of course, before that we went through two years of preparatory work. We have a lot of CEO candidates. Precise, in this month's board meeting held 9 formal appointment of Mr. He Jinghua made as the company CEO's decision.

Sina technology: Kingdee is the founder of your hand and big companies can do now the size is not easy, perhaps precisely because of this reason, until you have served as the company's CEO, Kingdee big now this is the first time you request a "outsiders" to manage the outside world to know that you can give He Jinghua how much power the future?

Xu Shaochun: You can say that if Mr. He Jinghua can not make full use of his capacity and role, why should I ask him to come? Kingdee is an institutionalized, and the company in the role each has its own position and values, I believe he can play his role as CEO.

Sina technology: He Jinghua, said there were paid employees of his annual salary of convenience Kingdee said, will more than UF's time?

Xu Shaochun: As the Hong Kong listed companies, executives of the salary and other information will be relevant in the Stock Exchange to require disclosure of statements and documents, please when the time concerned.

Sina technology: Appointment of CEO, while He Jinghua Kingdee do it for the first time set up the post of chief software architect, and for you to serve in that capacity, we want to know how this decision is envisaged in the original, then chief architect and Kingdee How CEO division?

Xu Shaochun: First, I would like to talk about the understanding of the chief architect, chief architect to the company's products and services, especially products that can keep to the definition and optimization, to plan and optimize the product structure. I think this is the core of our corporate strategy.

Second, why should I not after the CEO, to serve as such a position? I hope to have more time to go to the market line, to have more time with customers, to face and examine their management challenges. To have more time to think about the company's strategic issues.

As China's economic rise, the era of globalization, Chinese enterprises must have their own in the Guanlimoshi, I am very interested in studying this management model, hope right leader in all sectors of management, summed up their management common mode, hoping to help SMEs to improve management.

Also, you know the Internet and mobile communication technology has developed rapidly, Kingdee hope in these two areas can be a breakthrough, our products also face the transition to the Internet side. I am also interested in research in this area, hoping to develop new products and applications Kingdee mode.

The time the first phase of cooperation is four years

Sina technology: As He Jinghua management software market in China, the special experience of the industry are concerned about his future, there are many views, Kingdee certainly greater expectations on the He Jinghua, who formally took office, He Jinghua hope he can give Kingdee What are the changes , what is expected of him?

Xu Shaochun: frankly ask him to do the company's CEO, we had to very low-key, very practical to go forward, but also create good conditions and atmosphere for him, did not think this matter which has caused such a big response, it does is unexpected. Here, I also represent the company to the community's concern Kingdee thanks.

However, He Jinghua not God is not a savior, we do not want him within a year give the company a radical change, but we hope he will, and employees work together, through team efforts to promote the progressive core of the company as a whole Competitiveness. He and I reached a consensus that low-key and pragmatic move forward.

We hope that the present basis He Jinghua can have some inheritance and innovation, we gave him a long time.

Sina technology: the "long time" is long, is it easy to disclose?

Xu Shaochun: We both agreed the first stage is 4 years, that is, 2010, at the end of this stage, to achieve our promise.

Sina technology: this convention is that you mentioned before, to the 2010 Asia-Pacific region Kingdee enterprise management software market leader?

Xu Shaochun: Yes, this is the case. After the first phase of implementation, once the second phase, to my understanding of the He Jinghua, our cooperation will be very useful, according to the consensus we reached before, we hope that China's management software to a higher level .

Sina technology: after 2010, that is, the second stage with the He Jinghua in Kingdee What is the goal?

Xu Shaochun: Four years later, things hard to say, but I firmly believe that good cooperation we can continue.

Sina technology: how to look after the UF He Jinghua join the competition?

Xu Shaochun: In fact, the management software market, competition in the future mainly in foreign competition, China's domestic manufacturers and foreign companies before the competition. So please do not be afraid opponents, do not worry, I say, "stare stare customers than rivals," how to play the advantages of local firms is that we should all think about.

Postscript: "Who can give me a reason not choose He Jinghua"

He Jinghua Kingdee appointed as the company's CEO is not easy to do low-key, just as in 2004 from the same UF that He Jinghua, not only because He Jinghua management software market in China itself is a controversial figure, but because he is the choice of Kingdee , and "South Kingdee North UF" has been a tendency into confrontation.

A telephone connection, Xu Shaochun tone slightly tired, but in no way lack of firm and rational. He repeatedly Sina Technology said, "We would like to play down the matter that Mr Ho to create a good environment and atmosphere, now aroused so much concern about our unexpected." He even questioned said, "who gave me Mr. He Jinghua do not choose a reason CEO? "

Although already a public company, but it is undeniable that Xu Shaochun Kingdee children, after all, he is the founder of Kingdee, which, as UF is to the Wang Wenjing, Huawei is to the Ren Zhengfei, and so on, which is the growth of Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs the same ring.

In the flat world inside of the fierce competition, they are actively trying to line with international standards, Xu Shaochun introduced as early as 2000 with the international background of professional managers, Wang Wenjing, 2002, he attempted to employ He Jinghua to build international UF, But the reason it makes sense that in addition, China's domestic management software industry, the two leaders have chosen to the same person. Therefore, they are destined to become the focus of the community.

Peer is the enemy, competition is inevitable. But perhaps, as Xu Shaochun said, China's management software market potential is huge, local companies should not be confined to internal competition, but should head down thinking about how to play to local strengths, after all future management software market is more a contest between Chinese and foreign enterprises competition.

Xu Shaochun last hope expressed two hopes Sina technology: first, the hope and the media as a career development manager, business development and create a favorable social environment; second, the industry to practical management of China's software industry to promote the further development of .

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